Iryna Nezhynska



I create brand identities for tech startups and design languages for digital products helping new companies communicate their values visually in a memorable way. 

It is my daily job and my passion.
It is the air I breathe.

Here’s a longer and more official-sounding version:

"During her 10 years as a visual communication designer, Iryna has been working on the redesigns for some of the world’s largest brands: Daimler AG, John Deere, Lindt Chocolates, TUI, Amway. But her joy came from working with tech startups, - for the last 4 years she has been helping small teams from German and Nordic tech scenes express their collective vision.

Finally, she found herself fully committed to decentralisation and Web3 companies: today, she is the communication designer at Jolocom, the Berlin-based team building tools for self-sovereign identity.

She also organises DWeb.Design meetups in Berlin. 


right now I'm

⟶ building my design team at Jolocom - now we are three designers covering all the needs of the product, not a “design-team-of me” as two months ago;

⟶ creating the strategic brand messaging and visual language for the library app project;

⟶ designing visual language and new website for the DWeb community; 

⟶ preparing the DWeb.Design #3 - “Open Source Design and Design for Open Source”;         

⟶ have just finished "Beauty" by Sagmeister & Walsh, now back to "The Silk Roads" by Peter Frankopan.


community activity


August 2019 - gave a talk at Web3Summit 2019 the user-onboarding design strategies for Web 3.0 products

July 2019 - facilitated a website-design workshop at DWeb Camp

June 2019 - gave two lectures at UX Camp Europe 2019 about the user-onboarding communication strategies for deep-tech products

May 2019 - organised the DWeb.Design #2 meetup - Typonight

March 2019 - gave a talk "Make it stand out! 3 steps of visual design strategy to differentiate your product" at DesignLab Berlin

February 2019 - organised Dribbble meetup Berlin (first for the long time in Berlin design history) and facilitated a panel “A state of branding and UI design in startups” with BCG Digital Ventures, Cogs agency and Onefootball GmbH.
Check my article “Why did we organise Dribbble Berlin meetup?”

A panel with BCG Digital Ventures, Cogs agency and Onefootball (read the recap)

January & February 2019 - mentored teams on design, user onboarding and storytelling at T-Labs Hackathons in Berlin and Barcelona

November 2018 - mentored teams on design and user onboarding at the 1st IPDB hackathon

October 2018 - facilitated the workshop on a better onboarding of non-tech users to dapps and blockchain products during Web3Summit


April 2018 - Gave a talk "3 steps of visual design strategy to differentiate your product" at Berlin UI/UX Designers Meetup (download takeaways slides here)


December 2017 - Joined E-Commerce Berlin Awards 2018 jury panel evaluating nominees in Best Agency and Best Communication Platform categories.

March 2017 - Gave a talk "You’re allowed to talk to stakeholders – use it!" at Dribbble Warsaw Meetup


November 2016 - Gave a talk about emotional branding workflow and how to run branding workshops at Design Practice meetup


October 2016 - Gave a session "How to create emotional connection with customers" at ProductCamp Berlin  

September 2016 - Gave a talk "Beyond product features" at Codemotion Warsaw. Later the same month - gave a session on using emotions in UI design at UXcamp NL 2016

June 2016 - Facilitated the workshop on branding for digital products at UXcamp Europe 2016

March 2016 - Mentored teams on UX/UI at Devmuster hackathon

October 2015 - Facilitated the workshop "How your startup idea can benefit from beacon technology” at Wolves Summit  

July 2015 - Gave a talk at the first Polish Dribbble meetup Gdańsk

May 2015 - Organised Behance Portfolio Reviews Warsaw

October 2014 - Won the Wordshop Academy Logo competition

March 2014 - Won the Central Open Data Hackathon (3rd place, role in the team: logo & web design for

August 2013 - Won the Warsaw Startup Weekend (3rd place, role in the team: identity & app design for Pollbear)

May 2012 - Gave a talk at Behance Portfolio Reviews Kharkiv

December 2011 - Won Premija Design Awards (1st place, category: branded packaging)

October 2011 - Won Melnitsa Design Competition (1st place, category: logo and identity concept)

May 2010 - Won Kingston USB Design Ukraine (3rd place, category: eco-packaging)