Iryna Nezhynska



I create brand identities for tech startups and design languages for digital products helping new companies communicate their values visually in a memorable way. 

It is my daily job and my passion.
It is the air I breathe.

Here’s a longer and more official-sounding version:

"Iryna Nezhynska is a visual communication designer specialising in design languages for digital products and brand identities for tech startups.

Previously a senior visual designer at Deloitte Digital and design team lead at Norwegian software agency Chimera Prime, she has recently moved to Berlin to join blockchain startup Jolocom.

Always being a “person from branding” she has been working in several industries - traditional advertising for local banks and industrial companies, digital publishing for international consumer and retail brands, software development for German fintech companies, brand experience design for insurance and financial corporations and, finally, back to software development - this time for Norwegian tech scene.

She is best known for the Designer's Guide to Startup Weekend - a brief guide full of tips for young designers on how to participate in startup events and hackathons. It got a worldwide recognition across Startup weekends and was featured in the Infinite Icon as one of best icon-based designs.  


right now I'm

⟶ preparing the upcoming DWeb.Design Typonight - the next event of the series of meetups for designers to bring back the variety in design & typography and to secure the upcoming digital industries from the visual sameness;

⟶ besides full time in Jolocom, working on two bebranding projects - for Norwegian tech company operating in Africa and for the Berlin-based foundation promoting science and research on scalability of blockchain databases;     

⟶ have just finished "The making of a manager" by Julie Zhuo, now back to "The Silk Roads" by Peter Frankopan.


community activity

March 2019 - gave a talk "Make it stand out! 3 steps of visual design strategy to differentiate your product" at DesignLab Berlin (video is coming online soon)

February 2019 - organised Dribbble meetup Berlin (first for the long time in Berlin design history) and facilitated a panel “A state of branding and UI design in startups” with BCG Digital Ventures, Cogs agency and Onefootball GmbH.
Check my article “Why did we organise Dribbble Berlin meetup?”

A panel with BCG Digital Ventures, Cogs agency and Onefootball (read the recap)

January & February 2019 - mentored teams on design, user onboarding and storytelling at T-Labs Hackathons in Berlin and Barcelona

November 2018 - mentored teams on design and user onboarding at the 1st IPDB hackathon

October 2018 - facilitated the workshop on a better onboarding of non-tech users to dapps and blockchain products during Web3Summit


April 2018 - Gave a talk "3 steps of visual design strategy to differentiate your product" at Berlin UI/UX Designers Meetup (download takeaways slides here)


December 2017 - Joined E-Commerce Berlin Awards 2018 jury panel evaluating nominees in Best Agency and Best Communication Platform categories.

March 2017 - Gave a talk "You’re allowed to talk to stakeholders – use it!" at Dribbble Warsaw Meetup


November 2016 - Gave a talk about emotional branding workflow and how to run branding workshops at Design Practice meetup


October 2016 - Gave a session "How to create emotional connection with customers" at ProductCamp Berlin  

September 2016 - Gave a talk "Beyond product features" at Codemotion Warsaw. Later the same month - gave a session on using emotions in UI design at UXcamp NL 2016

June 2016 - Facilitated the workshop on branding for digital products at UXcamp Europe 2016

March 2016 - Mentored teams on UX/UI at Devmuster hackathon

October 2015 - Facilitated the workshop "How your startup idea can benefit from beacon technology” at Wolves Summit  

July 2015 - Gave a talk at the first Polish Dribbble meetup Gdańsk

May 2015 - Organised Behance Portfolio Reviews Warsaw

October 2014 - Won the Wordshop Academy Logo competition

March 2014 - Won the Central Open Data Hackathon (3rd place, role in the team: logo & web design for

August 2013 - Won the Warsaw Startup Weekend (3rd place, role in the team: identity & app design for Pollbear)

May 2012 - Gave a talk at Behance Portfolio Reviews Kharkiv

December 2011 - Won Premija Design Awards (1st place, category: branded packaging)

October 2011 - Won Melnitsa Design Competition (1st place, category: logo and identity concept)

May 2010 - Won Kingston USB Design Ukraine (3rd place, category: eco-packaging)